Marketing Guru ro Series #4 | And the name of the game is...

December 07, 2012

How have you been? Ready to talk marketing? Me too! I thought we'd continue this series with a subject that has come up quite a bit of late: How to stay on top of search lists.

It's a new game out there, folks. The creation of Google+ has literally leveled the playing field for everyone. It was a game changer in the world of online marketing. It has created a demand to drive your online marketing tactics toward this solution: Content. Fresh, relevant content in a plethora of online locations.
Here are some tips to consider before you begin feverishly typing and posting your next blog:
1. Give it away. Share your knowledge. Many erroneously think they should be retained before they provide their expertise. On the contary, to build a successful brand in today's world, publishing your expertise adds to your brand awareness.
2. Write to your audience. Ensure that you are bringing value by offering information to them that they will find useful and relevant to their world versus your world.
3. Honor your brand by incorporating your key messaging and positioning statements in all that you do.
4. Know the top social media outlets where your audience likes to hang out, and join them there with your thoughtful relevant content. Not sure where your customers spend their time? Here's some recent data you may find helpful:
  • Google+ users are 71% male and over 50% of them are 50+ years of age
  • Pintrest users are 82% female and they spend the most time per visit on this site than any other of its kind
  • LinkedIn is used primarily for business purposes. It has over 2MM companies on the site and users average 49 years of age
  • Twitter users are 59% female and the majority of users are sending and reading tweets from their mobile phone
  • Facebook users are 57% female with users averaging 40 visits a month, spending 23.20 minutes per visit
5. Consistent communication is vital. To your database, through your website, blog and via the multitude of other platforms available to you. Engage with your audience. Invite their comments. Respond to their thoughts.

So yes, the name of the game is content. Fresh, relevant content in a plethora of appropriate online locations. Need a solid writer? It just happens to be one of my favorite things to do! 615.496.8878 or
Still not confident that you can play this strategy effectively? I'm happy to help. Consider A 360° review where you can obtain answers, recommendations, expert guidance, and trusted referrals over the course of a two hour meeting.
I'd love to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like to propose a subject you'd like me to cover in my series!
Until next time!
My best to you,

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