Perseverance. (1 min read)

April 05, 2016

Perseverance. (1 min read)

It is in the 4am alarm that rouses you from your cozy warm bed in the darkness. It is in the quiet of the morning when you are staring at a blank computer screen. You walk away for a cup of something hot. You return. Still blank.

It is in your morning run, on this day in the rain. Where your idea comes from the woods on the trail because your mind was silent and you were listening.

It is in the way you show up, every day, writing down your goals for the week and ticking them all off your list, one by one. Undeterred by the fact that your readership numbers are up or down or nowhere.

It is in these very days that blur by with equal parts fear and joy; doubt and confidence. You remain relentless, driven and focused.

Do the work you came here to do.

It is in you.

(And how awesome is that?)

I choose perseverance. Every time. It’s in me.


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