Middle school + truth. (A must read for parents).

Middle school + truth. (A must read for parents).

March 26, 2017

Three things cannot long stay hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

Beside a wide glass jar were two stacks of 4 x 6 cards in white and red. On a piece of paper was a quote on truth by Buddha and a written invitation. The instructions read: We invite you to share your truth. Unburden your soul. Blow the dust off a painful secret; trusting us to hold it for you. Write on red if you are ok with us discussing it. Write on white if you do not want your thoughts shared.”

The event was for adults who were there to listen to inspiring true stories of perseverance. In the back of the room, sitting quietly on the floor waiting for their parents to be done, were a few girls middle school in age.

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