Knowing him. [eBook]

Meet Vanessa. She met and fell in love with a man who had lupus. He immigrated to this country from Mexico to live a better life. His pre-existing condition meant he couldn’t get insurance here so his disease was untreated while he worked to provide for his family back home. Vanessa became his doctor - educating him and caring for him. They married and had a child together and less than a year after she was born, he died of his disease. She met her second husband a few years later and thought she had found the partner she had longed for. They married and had a child together. But they fought. A lot. She didn’t realize she was in an abusive relationship until she found herself in a closet with her two children, calling a friend for help and hearing her say: Vanessa, this is not normal. She has been a single mom now for five years. Her story is for anyone who has suffered the loss of a husband or needs to escape an abusive relationship.

All of our stories are short and easily consumed within an hour. Although we think they'll stay with you much longer.

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