Pieces of Me. [eBook]

Meet Pamela. She was diagnosed with breast cancer twenty years ago at the age of 50. Up until that day she was a self-examined, organic eating, clean living healthy woman who exercised every day in the great outdoors. Her doctors wanted to do chemotherapy - one of the only protocols back then. And she said no. She refused treatment because it was against everything she believed in: the mind and the body and the spirit are all connected + the body has an amazing ability to heal itself if treated properly. She believed her cancer diagnosis was no accident. Rather it was a call to action. Something was not in balance. To refuse treatment 20 years ago was unprecedented and her doctor, she’s quite sure, thought she was crazy. But her cancer went into remission for eight years before it came back. Then it came back three times. Being given a cancer diagnosis changes the course of your life. Pam knows this on a level few will ever understand.


All of our stories are short and easily consumed within an hour. Although we think they'll stay with you much longer.

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