Kind words shared by those who have been moved enough to write them.


You have the most wonderful way of telling a story.


Your writing is, as always, touching, honest and funny. You have a unique voice and so much to share.


Keep writing and thanks for sharing. It fills the hearts of those of us who read.


I'm speechless. I read your beautiful piece...every word. I LOVE your writing style. Although I usually need a Kleenex from tears of joy and gladness. 

Please continue to entertain me with your enchanting prose.


Family, life, passions, grieving: you write about the full catastrophe of living. I feel deeply nurtured. 


I am, always, so deeply touched by your ability to communicate, beautifully and eloquently, the terrain of the HEART. They feel you....they get you....even if they are unable to express it. You touch us in a way few people are blessed to know.


Every time I read your words I feel like I have just curled up with a good book – if only for a few minutes.


What a BEAUTIFUL story.

You write with such emotion and passion that you swallow me in whole parts.


Your words, I imagine carefully chosen, transmit to me such feeling and take me with you on your journey. 


Just read this and I just have to tell you it is SPECTACULAR. You make my heart sing!

You write so beautifully. Poetic, in fact.

Bravo to the gift of your writing and to you for blessing the universe by sharing your gift!

Your writing always leaves me in teary-eyed joy.

This got buried in my inbox, in the fury of life...just finally read it – and it’s brilliant.

As always you have such a way to express your heart as no one else. You touch me deeply and often.

Simply beautiful!

How did you know I needed a pick me up today???

Reading it was like taking a deep breath.

Your emails always have me laughing as well as crying. What a gift you have!

OMG!!! Tingles, hair standing on end. What a lovely depiction.


Every time I get an email from you, I take the time to read because they are so enjoyable and enlightening. I wish I could see the world so eloquently as you do.


Your writing is remarkable in that it pulls me into your story viscerally.


I should be downstairs making breakfast for my family, but instead I'm hiding in my bedroom reading your 3rd installment with tears running down my cheeks.

I just love reading your emails. Your vivid description. The thoughtfulness behind each reflection. It is all wonderful.

Thanks for sharing your most treasured experiences and thoughts. Love reading them. Feel like I’m right there. That, to me, is some darn good writing!!!!!

You are so awesome, this was just what I needed.

As usual, you have made my day.


Thank you for your insights, always deep and rich. I love your writings.

Your writings always make me stop and think (I enjoy them so) and this one is no exception. And, as usual, I am drawn into your story and am filled with joy to read of your experiences. Thanks you for sharing this with me. Unbelievably, this is exactly what I was needing. Your words have made me pause in this busy time and take a breath. They have made me think about what is really important. I’'m now going to take the time to reflect and enjoy all that is around me …and be thankful.


Your wordsmith is incredible at times.

Breathtaking….what wonderful stories and so beautifully written.

This was awesome. Glad I took a break from the day to read.

Well that just does it! Now I'm teary. Your heart holds sensitive and precious observations. Thank you for sharing; taking the time to reflect, acknowledge and document those things that you find. Not always so easy. It not only helps you and yours, but those with whom you share. ‘Tis a wonderful gift.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

You are what I call a "balcony" person - someone who elevates others with your words, insight and kindness. A rare find for certain.

What terrific writing! You got me!

I think you could write about going to the mail box and make it sound like an experience the rest of the world just can’t wait to do!

You are such a beautifully talented writer!

I have just spent the last half hour crying while reading.

I am totally mesmerized with your story. It is touching my heart in an indescribable way.
Your stories are amazing. The beauty of words works wonders in the soul.

Wow! Thank you for sharing this powerful story. I was deeply moved by it. (Man-speak for: "yes I cried").

You have a remarkable talent for writing!

Someday I will heed my resolve to wait until I’m home to read your emails – I always end up teary-eyed at my desk!