Be less alone. (empathy + experience) Dog Tag

Sometimes life and its challenges can be isolating. When all you need is hope, you can find it in someone else’s truth. Let them be your inspiration. Sometimes just knowing that someone else has been there before you and has made it through is the salve that you need to begin to mend. Look for a collection of true stories in our Share Your Truth blog herein. There’s a difference between empathy and sympathy. Find the empathy. It’s in the one who went there before you.

 Now, go tell the world and inspire someone else. And thank you for supporting kindred. It means the world to us and those to whom we give.

  • Military inspired dog tag
  • Decorated on one side with a gloss finish
  • Silver on the back side
  • 30 inch silver beaded chain included with purchase
  • Size Chart


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