Live your TRUTH.

This workshop is for the seeker. The one who desires to be directed home to their path. The individual who is ready to receive enlightened, guided and ancient wisdom, as well as take an active role in creating their future.


This is a day dedicated to finding the answers that you seek. A day of insight, intuition, awareness and magic; of higher guidance, vibration and energy. Are you ready to commit to the truth of who you really are?


Creativity meets inspiration.

2:00PM - 5:00PM


Invest in yourself.

Give yourself permission. Allow these three hours be a gift to yourself of dedicated time, for both you and your art. 

Held at the historical Union Station Hotel.

We gather in the Green Room at the historical Union Station Hotel. It's both private and expansive. A room with a view that overlooks the beautiful lobby through a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Green Room is located directly across the lobby from the front door and up one flight of stairs. The elevator is to the left of the stairs.

What to bring and what we offer.

Bring your laptop or your journal and favorite pen - whatever instrument you most love to write with. Valet parking included. Water + snacks provided. We will begin promptly at 2PM, so please arrive early to allow yourself some time to settle in.

Workshop Giving Fund: Help another along the way. 

We invite workshop participants (or any generous soul) to contribute to our Workshop Giving Fund. Just click here! One hundred percent of these funds will pay the way for someone who can't afford to attend (but who really needs to be there). So if you've got it in your heart - and your pocketbook - we know for sure this simple gesture will result in some beautiful emotion all the way around. 

Help is here if you need it.

We’ve all been there before: an opportunity presents itself that we just know is for our greater good. We desperately want and need to be there, but financially we cannot make it work. There’s no shame in that. If this is you, just drop us an email at to let us know you’d like to be in the Workshop Giving Fund. Participants will be chosen at random from all entries received. We will let you know if you've been selected as early as possible.

Facilitated by Kerrie L. Cooper.

Kerrie facilitates workshops and speaks and writes on the subjects of creativity, inspiration, purpose and discovering what the highest and best version of yourself is - the “you” you came here to be.

As Kindred’s author, Kerrie devotes most of her time connecting with people who have life experiences that, in the sharing, will help someone else by offering hope, healing or inspiration.

In addition to personally writing Kindred’s Anthologies, she has written and writes for Thrive Global, the Huffington Post, Sivanna East and several publications within Medium.

Kerrie L. Cooper, founder + author of kindred + intuitive guide


"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." E. E. Cummings

Brought to you by your Host + Workshop Facilitator, Kerrie L. Cooper, founder, kindred + author + intuitive guide.



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