Girl TRUTH workshop.

An important workshop for middle school girls*

Giving girls an opportunity to share what’s in their hearts and on their minds in a safe, judge-free space. We lead guided discussions on some of the most common, and often unspoken, issues that face girls at this age.

The workshop is centered around the true story of Noa, a middle school girl who survived an anxiety disorder, depression, and a suicide attempt, all because of bullying. Noa appears in a candid video presentation that tells her story, including how she survived it to become a stronger and more compassionate young woman who now has a heightened sense of gratitude and love for life. 

Facilitators include: Eli Parrot, PhD, LMFT with Southeast Psych Nashville, Jenny Grant, LMSW, and Kerrie L. Cooper, founder and author of kindred and Mom of 13-year-old Isabella.

*or any individual who identifies as a girl

Workshops are offered in collaboration with your school. Please contact us for more details or to bring Girl TRUTH to your middle school.