John's Journey to Happy. [eBook]

Meet John. John was flush with all of the predictable outward signs of our American definition of success: Big house, nice car, plenty of money, the owner of a substantial, busy hair salon.

Yet John was one very unhappy man. He was running a large machine that consumed him and took all the pleasure and creativity out of cutting hair.

Although not necessarily the by-product of all of that success, as it sometimes can be, John’s marriage was breaking apart irreparably at the same time; his wife slipping away into a battle with addiction.

With all of these cataclysmic shifts in his world, he began breaking apart his life, even though he had no idea how to put it back together again. 
Re-creating your life is not easy. It can take years. But the reward is priceless.

The reward is being happy.

All of our stories are short and easily consumed within an hour. Although we think they'll stay with you much longer.

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