kindred essential oil.

Anyone who knows me well knows I love essential oils. I clean with them, wear them, use them homeopathically, sleep with them and bathe in them.

So when I first got a whiff of the oils within our custom blended kindred soap I knew I would want to have it as its own little offering because it smells amazing!

Here is what Jessica Sutton of Paint Creek Naturals whipped up for kindred and what it can offer you:

  • lemongrass: purifying, revitalizing
  • spearmint: uplifting, stimulating
  • cedarwood: calming, meditation
  • rosemary: protection from negative energy, opens the conscious mind and stimulates memory

Made with pure essential oil and uses organic coconut oil as a carrier oil so you can apply directly to your skin with its convenient roller ball.

Now you can smell great and feel great because buying this means you are helping someone else through the kindred giving fund. We are all in this together.


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